Tumor Treatment

Tumor is a dangerous disease if it is not treated early. There is no one single treatment for tumor. This is because tumor consists of various diseases which depending on the type, parts of the body and level seriousness of the tumor. The example types of tumor treatment are lung tumor treatment, breast tumor treatment, liver tumor treatment and many more. The goal of treatment is to remove the tumor cells in the breast completely and to avoid the tumor cells from recur.

The tumors treatments usually accomplished by surgery. Others are done with radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal treatment, antibodies, vaccines and complementary or alternative medicines. However due to the tendency of tumor invading its neighboring cell, it limit its effectiveness. Because of this people usually combine the treatment either simultaneously or in sequel.


Alternative Tumor Treatment

One of the alternative tumor treatments that people always seek for today is the Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture. It is a natural treatment to cure any of the disease with minimum side effect. Many of the people who had tried Acupuncture Treatment found it to be as effective as the other treatment so they seek this treatment either simultaneously or sequentially with the one they already having.

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